Every woman wants to look beautiful. I once thought I was an exception. When I was a little girl growing up in Beijing, my mom rarely praised my look and she always dressed me in over sized clothes with single colors such as dark blue and grey. I also had darker skin and was chubbier compared to the popular beauty standard there which favored light skin and slim body. So I was convinced that (external) beauty was not my thing, and I didn’t bother to waste time on refining my look. I spent more time studying and improving my “intelligence” and “inner quality”.

Then all of sudden one day, I was at the age of a woman, in a relationship, married, and then became a mother. Naturally tending to be more feminine, I saved my hair long, dressed in fitter clothes with colors, paid attention to a smoother look on the skin. On top of those were an active life and regular workouts. It was a process to get into touch with my basic self – a woman. Not expecting compliments, I heard more people telling me that I looked good. I was always interested in improving any aspect of myself, and was happy to find out that on this front I have room to grow as well. At the same time, I realized that some damage has been done from over exposure to sun without protection, which is hard to reverse.

When I paid more attention, I noticed that many women are unsatisfied about some natural feature on their face or body, and many have damage on skin or hair which they would like to repair or improve. Many topics that interest me in this area interest other women as well.

My daughter, who is 5 years old, is a smart girl with great imagination and verbal skills. Like every other little girl who was brought up to freely express herself, she often tells me that she wants to be a beautiful princess when she grows up. Is she beautiful? In the eyes of a mother, yes. But referring to the “standards” out there, her eyes are probably not big enough, with single eyelids which are less favored by the traditional Chinese; her nose is probably a little flat. Both traits came from her father. I gave her a quiz, hoping to prepare her from disappointment in the future. I asked her, “if you choose from 1) being smart and not pretty, and 2) being pretty but dumb (I added more negative weight on this latter option), which one would you choose?” She answered, “I want to be smart AND pretty.” I asked again, “what if you have to choose from only the 2 options I gave you?” And she insisted, “I want to be smart AND pretty.” And she never gave in on that answer. In the end, I gave up. Instead of trying to persuade her to lower her expectation, I want to find out how to help her become the most beautiful she could…while being natural.

So what is beauty in a woman? Is there some kind of universal standard given the subjectivity of individuals when such a matter is judged? How does a woman assess her “beauty strength” and weakness? What good products and services are there that help bring out the best of a woman, restore the damage from environment, or slow down the aging process? Is there true value in being natural with imperfect features, compared to the “perfection” brought by cosmetic surgeries?…

I want to find answers, through communication with people who has interest, experience, or opinion in the beauty of women. Estheticians, makeup artist, hair stylists, models, next door women who work different jobs, men… A blog is a great channel for such communications and for sharing information with others – post and comments, interviews, forum …

What about the focus on Asian Women? I came from China. No matter how well I can blend in American culture, my skin, my hair, and my body bear the same traits as other women from China, or Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippine, Thai… And the connection is more than what is on the surface. When I first had the idea of a website on Asian women, I searched for photos and found this one from a photographer’s blog site. The woman on this picture, who is an American born Chinese, looked beautiful to me and yet so natural. Knowing nothing about her personal stories I see a lot through her eyes – the holding in, the strength underneath the tender appearance, the striving behind the calm face, and a little some sadness… I feel I’ve seen them before in other beautiful Asian women.

So these are some original thoughts that triggered the creation of this site. I want to help myself, my daughter, and other women with whom I have connections, become more beautiful, fully enjoy being women, and pleasantly live our lives.