Handsome Korean Couple Getting MarriedWhen I first met Philippe Lee, it was in 2003. I was planning for my wedding. I searched Internet for a local wedding photographer and my attention was grabbed by the photos on the website for the studio owned by him and his wife, both photographers.

What attracted me the most were the photos of their own wedding and family, a handsome couple with 2 little kids, happy moments beautiful scenes.

I paid a visit to their studio, which was also their home, but later didn’t use their service as we went out of town for the wedding. Then there was no further contact and they have not been in my mind, until less than a month ago, when I noticed Philippe on Facebook.

Checking out the current website, their business has expanded, in format to also include cinematography, book design… in scheme to also include fashion, corporate events… and locations include 2 studios at San Francisco and Treasure Island.

Going through the photos he uploaded to facebook page, once again, the family photos (which include more updates since I last saw them in 2003) attracted me the most. From the natural chemistry displayed on the photo, and from the comments he made on them, you cannot help convienced that this is a happy couple happy family.

Handsome Korean Man Wedding Photographer PhilippeI got interested in giving an interview to Philippe, with topics related to photography, evaluation of beauty, and his relationship. I feel it can trigger some thoughts in the audience of my blog. He did not hesitate to accept the invitation, and the response to my interview questions were quite candid.

Philippe was born, raised and educated in France with parents from Korea. Before starting the studio, he explored journalism, event planning, and comic book art. He traveled around the world, can speak 4 languages and understand more. His Wife, Soojin, was born and raised in Korea. She came to the U.S. in 1985, graduating from School of Visual Art in NY with a master degree in photography. They have been married for 15 years.


Q: When did you start doing photography? What kind of photography were you doing at first?
A: It was 30 years ago, when I was 16. I was in France. I had passion for comic books and painting. I got an old camera from my parents, and started taking photos of everything around me. At the beginning it was like a hobby.

Q: When did you start doing it as a job?
A: It was after my wedding I started a company with my wife. Our wedding day was beautiful and the photos helped capture the memory. We then wanted to bring the same experience to others. By now it has evolved to a multimedia company. Our services includes all different types, commercial, wedding, headshots, mother and kids…

Husband And Wife Team Shooting Fashion PhotographyQ: When I first time got in contact with you in 2003, the studio only had you and your wife, now it has expanded to a bigger team, 2 studios, and more services, what expansion do you expect in the future?
A: I want to expand it to a global company, with satellite offices in different cities and countries, LA, Vancouver… Currently we have 2 types of business. One is our signature Jade Studio Productions, which covers fashion, cinematic … Its sister business is the Memory Lounge, which covers events, legacies, passions.

Q: When were you the happiest in your career?
A: Happy moments were a constant repetition for me: first time when I put together the company, booking first contract, starting to expand…

Q: Were there tough times?
A: No tough times at all. I enjoyed every single step of the making of our company. I remember knocking on doors pulling a cart with albums strapped on it and to this day, I am still very involved with everything that goes on at our studio.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
A: I want to expand the company to a multi-million $ business.

Q: How would you manage your remote offices? Do you need to fly to different locations in person?
A: We will train people on site.

Q: Was any of your parents an artist?
A: No. My dad was a scientist, my mom was in the literature field.

Pretty Korean Woman PhotographerON BEAUTY IN WOMEN:

Q: You said in your bio, that your wife’s beauty and grace remain to be your big inspiration. Could you describe, what do you feel, that contribute to her beauty?
A: On the external, her facial proportion is perfect. Her look gives me a sense of perfection. On the internal, she displays elegance, inner peace, feminine, no insecurity. Her voice, the way she looks at me, how she chooses a word (actually she doesn’t even choose…), comforts me and inspires me. She is natural about herself, and gifted as a very nice person.

Q: How do you think makeup contribute to the appearance of a woman?
A: It helps improve physical beauty, but nothing internally. For some women, it helps hide certain imperfections.

Q: It seems your wife doesn’t do much make up, and she looks really good in that natural state. Do you have a preference for her with or without makeup?
A: It’s her own choice, her level of confidence. She looks good either way.

Beautiful Soulmate Couple DanceON RELATIONSHIP:

Q: How did you meet your wife?
A: 15 years ago I was introduced to another girl as an arrangement, and she happened to be there as well. She had her head lowered, we had no eye contact, but I was very interested in her. Besides her pretty looks, her classic look and dignity were the very first things that stroke me. I then knew that I had found my Queen. It’s amazing today she still gives me the same kind of attraction as when I first met her.

Q: Was it attraction at first sight?
A: Yes. It was. I fell into attraction as well as love. I think we are soul mates.

Q: Define soulmates
A: Completing each other, push each other to be a better person, no need to explain much to be able to understand each other, always feel good together. Building things together.

Wedding Photographer Wife And SonQ: Did you always know you would get married before you met her?
A: Yeah of course. I inherited the value from my parents. Who had a great relationship.
I wasn’t completely traditional at the beginning though, I broke up with many relationships and divorced once. Soojin on the other hand has made me into a complete family man, transformed me for the better.

Q: Do you think you know yourself in her eyes? What traits about you do you think attract her?
A: Yes, I know myself in her eyes really well!
Traits about me that I think attract her: passionate, dedicated, traditional, strong, dependable, loyal, driven, stubborn, and valuing my family more than anything else. And I regard her as the most beautiful woman.

Fashion Photographer Husband And DaughterQ: Do you think this working partner relationship helped your personal relationship?
A: In my case yes. We grow at the same time, we agree on things. She compliments me, e.g., when I am too fast, she could calm me down, and I will listen. I know some other’s case where working partnership caused conflict.

Q: Have you ever cried during your relationship with Soojin?
A: Once, and I didn’t let her know. I cried because I felt I wasn’t providing for her and the kids. It was at a tougher time during my career.

Q: Being at 46, do you feel getting old?
A: No. I feel the same as 20 years ago, partly because I am in a good shape. Actually I feel better because I have experienced almost everything, found my roots, and the source of inspiration is in my roots. It’s like a bigger well to drain water from.

The website for the studio founded by the couple is http://www.jadestudioproductions.com, you can also become a fan of their facebook page.