asian female theraputic spa massage Guest post by Bill Lulofs

Massage can have great health benefits, as well as beauty benefits. Massage practitioners use a combination of techniques that aim to help the client’s body and spirit experience some type of natural healing.

When we think of massage we often think of the more popular types.

Acupressure is one modality where focus is on balancing and activating the meridians (specific zones and locations) of the body that correspond to our major organs and are connected with our nerves.

Swedish style massage is known for long strokes along the contours of the body, called effleurage, activating the skin with various techniques of touch, relaxing the muscles, loosening and stretching them to achieve a less tightened state. Oil or cream is used to enhance the glide of the practitioner across the client’s body.

Energy techniques like Reiki and Craniosacral are less about moving muscles and skin, and more about allowing the client’s own body to self-correct with their own energy, take advantage of the self-healing systems that are within our own bodies. The body is a marvelous self-correcting system. Drawing on the client’s energy of their own healing capabilities to areas that need healing can bring the client’s attention to these areas and enhance self healing.

By allowing the cranial therapeutic fluids that nourish the nervous system to flow more freely through the Dural tube, by enhancing the circulation of blood to our skin through vibration and massage, and by relieving the tension that can create blockage in other areas with slow stretching techniques, all of these practices can have healing benefits, some visible and some beneath the skin.

A lesser known method called Lymphatic Drainage is focused on loosening up the lymph system and enhancing its flow, softening the lymph nodes, so that pushing out toxins with our fluids through this natural filtration system occurs more easily. Lymph Drainage helps us release accumulated toxins through our natural waste system.

I have recently been trained in massage techniques and am now certified. I use a combination of Swedish technique with Craniosacral. I worked on my wife for about an hour the other day, the first 30 minutes focused on Swedish technique, warming up the back, massaging the sacrum and around the spinal column, activating the skins energy with massage and slow stretching around the neck and shoulders. The rest of the session was spent using energy active Craniosacral around her head and neck.

When I finished I left the room to wash the massage oil off of my hands. My wife came into the bathroom looking like she had experienced a deep nights sleep, completely relaxed, hair in disarray from being on the massage table. As she came closer I noticed there was great color in her cheeks, a nice glow in her face, and I asked her : “What happened to you? Did you put on some rouge or color in your cheeks?”

She looked in the mirror and responded “Oh my God!” with joy and a happy smile. No, she had no make-up in her face, but she felt sensational. When she looked in the mirror she said she thought she looked 5 years younger, and I agreed, no exaggeration, 5 years younger.

The next morning she got up, showered, had breakfast and drove forty-five minutes to visit her mom. She walked into the house and the first thing her mom said was, “What happened to you? You look 5 years younger. You did something different with your make-up, new rouge or foundation? Are you wearing eye make-up?” My wife responded: “No, this is the way I woke up. Bill gave me an hour treatment last night, and when we finished I looked like this, younger.”

“In fact we both commented that I looked 5 years younger last night. I slept great and when I woke up I still had this great color and glow to my skin tone. I chose to wear no make up today, I did not need any color. I am not wearing any make-up”. Her mom did not know that she was getting a treatment the night before until she told her the next day.

Imagine if we were all giving and receiving massage on a daily basis, what a more healthy and happy world we would have.