Treat Dry Skin against cold

Winter weather can be brutal on your skin, particularly when temperatures hit extreme lows. When skin gets exposed to winter air and inside heated conditions, it often dries out quickly, causing painful itching, cracked skin, and even bleeding.

The best course of action is to keep as much of the body covered up in the winter when outside, however exposure cannot always be avoided.

Here are some of the best ways to treat very dry winter skin and prevent painful skin irritation and damage:

Avoid hot temperature water – While it may feel luxurious to indulge in a hot shower or hand washing, the use of very hot water can make your skin dryness much worse. You’ll know if you are using too hot water if you begin to itch soon after bathing or cleansing. Instead, use water that is comfortable enough and take less time in the shower each day.

Care for skin with gentle cleansers – In the winter, you do not sweat as much, therefore you can skip the harsh bath and shower scrubs and opt for more gentle body products. Try those that contain moisturizing ingredients, like olive oil and Shea butter, and try natural oatmeal to reduce dry skin fast. Stop using loafahs and instead try a cotton washcloth for bathing.

Slather on the moisturizer daily – The rule for winter is to replenish as much moisture into your skin as you can each day. Get a bottle of intense moisture cream and use that instead of your lighter lotions used in warmer months. Keep a tube in your hand bag too, for hand care on the go. Focus on your hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet.

Move away from the heaters – You may feel like cozying up to the fireplace all winter, but in terms of your skin’s condition this is the worst thing you can do. As an alternative, move at least 10-15 feet from direct heating sources and try tossing on a blanket for extra warmth. Toss on a hoodie or a scarf for a little extra comfort.  

Wear protective clothing in layers – In the winter, the body and skin need room to breathe. The best way to avoid getting sweaty and losing moisture is to dress in light layers that allow you to adapt to different temperatures. Try a silk blouse under a cardigan and toss on an infinity scarf and knit hand warmers for a trends, yet comfortable look that protects your skin.

Stop using hand sanitizer gels – Those popular hand sanitizers are everywhere during cold and flu season, but science does not prove they actually prevent illness. Instead, what they are good at is drying out your hands. Instead of the gel sanitizers, wash your hands and then avoid touching public surfaces and your face. If you must use a sanitizer, get one with built-in lotion.

Use sunscreen – You may not think about using your favorite sunscreen products in the winter, but actually this is the perfect time to do so. Winter sunlight can be very damaging to skin, especially on the face. This can lead to dryness and early signs of aging. Use an SPF-15 or above, under your make-up or whenever you have to be outdoors.

Caring for your skin should be  your primary concern during the winter months. Follow the above advice for smooth and comfortable skin all season long.

About the Author: Michael Klein has been writing articles about skin care for companies like the specialty skincare boutique Skinfo. When not writing, Michael is generally at home with his family or practicing his golf game at a local course.

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