claudia skin care interview

My name is Claudia Judy Lopez. I was born at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, and raised in the Peninsula. I come from a first generation of Mexican family. Being one of two sisters, my interest in beauty has always been the most obvious in comparison to my siblings. Growing up I thought of myself as crafty, trendy and ambitious.

I have a degree in Fashion Merchandise Marketing. I graduated from FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, 2003). I attended All four of their campuses (LA, Orange County, San Diego and finally graduated from San Francisco). Following FIDM and now with a straight mind, I decided to do what would really make me happy.

In 2003 I embarked on the experience that changed my life. I moved to New York City! I got accepted to The Aveda Institute in Soho NY where you would practice Aesthetics. I decided to attend Aveda because I loved their product and knew that it was top of the line for education. Not to mention all through high school and college I worked for them as a product adviser.

Two friends and myself purchased a one way ticket, packed our belongings in two 70lb luggages each, took a red eye and landed at JFK (for someone who hasn’t been to Queens NY, its not pretty. In fact its a bad representation of what NYC is all about). I had $600 in my savings, didn’t have a clue where we were going to sleep and none of us had ever been to “the big apple”. After a few days of hard life, we got situated in a very homie “railroad apartment” in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

My journey soon came to an end (as I experienced the coldest winter in my life). I moved back to the bay area when I got a job offer at Atelier Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa in Santana Row San Jose. At Atelier i put my skills to major use. Within a few months i was promoted to senior aesthetician.

Eventually going from 3 total spa service providers to myself only. Basically I was running the show. I soon became spa director and educator. I took a total of 4 licensed aesthetician and showed them my craft and what made ME successful. In 2005 I was nominated one of the best facials in Silicon Valley by Wave Magazine. Thereafter I was doing all make up applications for the covers or Gentry Magazine, along with a couple other gals.

I helped with all the Santana Row fashion shows, coordinating specific looks to match the trendiest styles. In 2006 I did a make up trend for San Jose Mercury News. I had my share of involvement in the industry. Soon came to wear myself off and decided to take it easy as a makeup artist and focus on my real passion which is definitely skin treatments and hair removal.

In 2008, after 3 and a half years with Atelier i decided to become my own boss. I found a space with Tangerine Hair Studio in downtown San Jose. I took a generously large size room that almost looked like it was used for storage and transformed it into my own little sanctuary. I had it painted, added shelves, stocked it with the necessary furnishing and supplies needed to operate a business.

I’ve been using Epicuren Discovery as my only skin care line. My clients love it. So do I, its amazing, great ingredients, fast and active results and is very affordable. I am a full service salon but I specialize in custom facials, eye brow designs and brazilians. I am also certified by Novalash Lash extensions, 3-d lashes and Lash out lashes.

I’ve been a licensed Aesthetician since 2004. I have a lot of ambition. I keep up with latest trends and I am eager to learn as much as i can.