Bad Emotions Affect BeautyHave you thought that an effective way to calm a woman down, could be to tell her, “If you are sad or cry, you will get wrinkles and dark eye circles.”

I’ve used similar tactic to get myself out of bad moods more quickly. I don’t think I am fragile, but I did have crying moments, “frowning moments”, and moments with tense emotion that caused me to lose sleep. I know how those moments did to my appearance.

I used to cry when witnessing the fights between my parents, since I was little. My eyes would be really red. If it’s close to bedtime when I cried, the next morning I would wake up with swollen eyes. My double eyelids would turn to single eyelids. At the end of that day, the swell would fade, my eyelids would turn back to double, but could change to different shape than my normal days, sometimes in a way I didn’t like.

So basically a crying moment gave me 2 days of being ugly. That’s what I figured as a young girl. Later since some point, when I felt like crying I would first think of the ugly image and ask myself whether the situation was worth 2 ugly days of mine.

After growing and maturing, there were less “rainy days” but the emotional states have become more complicated. Tenseness, upset, anger, sadness, depression, outrage… triggered from stress or bad relationship. And I noticed in me and other women that the effects of bad emotion on the face do not last for just 2 days any more. They could stay.

We frown repeatedly (and probably unconsciously) when we are tense, that creates wrinkles on the forehead. When we are angry, or sad, we don’t rest or sleep well and that goes to eyes. That survey I mentioned in the article “Could You Live Without Makeup”, indicated that the reason many women fear to go outdoor without makeup is they they have tired eyes to cover up. Those traces are easier to recover when we are really young but when we age the skin’s ability to recover goes down.

Eyes are the central spot of a person’s face. You get a lot of information about a person by just looking at her/his eyes: depth of life experience, maturity, happy/depressed, enthusiastic/numb, playful/serious…. they are the windows to our inner side while they are a key part of our external appearance. A beautiful woman normally has a beautiful pair of eyes. The beauty is discounted if one looks older than her age with rusty eyes and dark under-eye circles or bags.

External beauty is not everything. I wouldn’t mind if I lose sleep because of taking care of little babies which makes me look un-rested. But if the cause is from something such as bad relationships, whether they are business or personal, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth making yourself looking older and uglier while suffering inside as well.

Asian women tend to bottle up more inside than others if they suffer stress from relationships. I consider myself a relatively more open and straightforward one among Asian women. Now when I run into bad emotion moments, I try to save myself from the effect by having open talks with friends, running to the gym, seeking connection with nature, and if I could, staying away from the source. Some other activities that help but we usually do less often include massage at a nice SPA, reading spiritual books, and a travel out of town.