claudia skin care interview

Claudia Lopez(see her photo in this post) is the girl who takes care of my skin. After my first visit with her to do my facial I’ve stayed with her. She is just in her 20′s yet has worked in this area for 8 years, and owns her business.

When I am writing down this short introduction I texted her, “Hey how long have I been seen you?” She replied, “How old is your son?” “A bit over 3.” “Then you’ve seen me for about 3 years, I remember when you first came you just gave birth to your son.”

It’s interesting how the big or small life events help us remember the exact time we’ve lived. And here it goes the interview with Claudia.

Q: What’s your professional background?
A:  In total I worked for Aveda for 8 years. In 2004 I received my degree in Aesthetics, after attending the Aveda Institute in New York City. I have been practicing for a total of 5years. Two of which I have branched out on my own in opening a small business. Aside from Aesthetics I also have majored in fashion design/merchandise marketing and minored in interior decorating at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM).

Q: What percentage of your clients are Asian? What are other races among your clients?
A: I work with a lot of Caucasian, Asian and Middle Eastern. Asian I would say take up about 30% of my facial clients. I deal with variety of different age groups. My current youngest client is 13 and oldest is 74.

Q: Could you characterize Asian skin type, as compared to other races?
A: Asian skin for the most part tend to be in my opinion “flawless”, tends to have smaller pores and minor acne. Occasionally I will deal with someone with sun damage.

Q: What are the problem areas for Asian skin, compared to other races?
A: Asian skin tends to deal with a lot yet small pores/blackheads, especially on nose.

Q: In your opinion, is Asian skin more prone to breakouts/blackheads?
A: More blackheads than acne. However, occasionally if there is any hormonal imbalance they will get breakouts on lower face area.

Q: What about brown spots or freckles, are Asian women more easily to have those?
A:  Actually any nationality is likely to be prone to brown spots, also know as “sun damage” or “age spots”. Depends on the exposure that each individual may have had to the sun. And/or if they were protected by sunscreen.

Q: From how early do you think a girl/woman should start applying sunscreen?
A: Birth! These days, you can find very gentle sunscreen for babies. Especially somewhere like Whole Foods were they will have no chemicals. It is never too early.

Q: Do you recommend maintenance routines differently to someone who is heavy on makeup compared to someone who is not?
A: The most important thing to remember as a heavy makeup user is that it must be taken off!! Perhaps do a layer of makeup remover before the wash. Always remove makeup before bed. Our skin tends to perspire as we sleep, therefore anything that is surfaced will penetrate. To avoid extra breakouts, always remove makeup thoroughly.

Q: How to tell whether someone who uses makeup has oil skin, dry skin, or mixed skin type?
A: Oily skin: will tend to look shinny. Dry skin: with heavy makeup will look excessively dry, may even make fine lines look deeper

Q: How do you think of the effect of hormone to skin?
A: Hormones effect the skin more than one would think. Anytime there is a hormone imbalance in the body (pregnancy, menstrual cycle, menopause, birth control etc) the skin will react to change. For the most part if skin is high hormone, it will be noticeable on chin and lower jaw area; sometimes neck, chest and back.

Q: How often do you suggest a woman to go for a facial? Is there different recommendation for Asian women compared to White women?
A: It’s not different depending on race, its just each persons skin. Besides the occasional breakouts one has monthly, it is always good to stay on top of it. Our skin regenerates about every 28 days (dead skin falls off, renews and starts process over…) that is why it is suggested someone do it monthly, not to mention around our monthly cycle we breakout.

If someone is not prone to acne, they may be recommended to do seasonal facials. Depending on the season our skin can turn from dry to oily, oily to dry, sensitive, acetic etc. Plus who doesn’t want some pampering. Facial massages on its own can put you to sleep while helping circulate the blood blow and well being of your radiance and glow.

Q: If you can only carry 3 items on a trip what items would you bring for your skin? What about 5?
A:  1. cleanser-have to keep face clean. 2. toner- trips and airplanes tend to dehydrate the skin. 3. sunscreen- this should always be number one priority. 4. foundation- in case you feel a little pale. 5: lip treatment: dehydration can also make you lips blead and crack

Q: How do you describe the best skin of someone who you’ve met in real life?
A:  Flawless! no visible pores, not even under a microscopic light. After looking through a Woods Lamp (device used to examine someones skin in a deeper level) skin was good in moisture and almost NO sun damage.

Claudia is the owner of “Skin by Claudia @ Tangerine” located in San Jose. She could be reached at