Clean Makeup Poster and Pretty Girl


I am not into doing much in daily makeup, but I’ve always wanted to find some good makeup artist, whom I could turn to for important events.

So far I’ve attended 2 such events. One was my wedding 6 years ago. I booked hotel salon and did a pre-run the day before wedding, for both hair and makeup. The makeup was professional but I felt not myself when looking into the mirror. So the next day I did my own makeup, the result of which made me feel more comfortable, though not perfect.

Next event was attending a friend’s wedding in New York. It was a rush trip so no time for pre-run. Went for hair and makeup the an hour before attending the wedding. I wasn’t unhappy about the makeup but because the artist didn’t take time to moisturize and prepare the base skin before applying makeup, my skin turned out to be a bit dry and flaky afterward.

Makeup Demonstration for Classic Beauty Look


When I was brought attention to the Makeup Show held in Los Angeles on the weekend of 2/28, my first interest was to see whether I can find any artist who has the skills, whose work could reflect the client’s identity, and who pays attention to skin quality as well.

Another angle was the perspective of a blog writer, which made me stand in the shoes of other women – what are they interested in and what are they puzzled about? Makeup is obviously a big subject, and not a ignored one for those who are more into being natural.

So I flew down and spent one day in the show, taking photos, watching demos, exchanging contacts, and learning. I initially only had cosmetic products and free makeup sessions in mind but here I saw many treated makeup as an creative ART, which was an eye opener for me.

Makeup Presentation How to Create Curly Eyelash


Displaying here some photos from the show. I plan to conduct individual interviews with the artists and product owner/representatives in future posts.

Photo #1 is taken at a product display counter. Interestingly I don’t remember what product it was. I just liked the kind of makeup displayed on the poster, and on this girl. Not overdone, makeup served to accentuate the natural beauty, instead of covering up or outweigh the natural look.

Photo #2 is a makeup session demonstration by Jon Hennessey (when I later searched his background I found this interview post). It’s a classic beauty look to me, and he is probably the type of artist I was looking for personally. I didn’t get to talk to him but I asked for his contacts, and planned to follow up with him later on.

Photo #3 was another artist teaching a beauty trick – to get curly eyelash with the help of a spoon, which was interesting and probably came to few’s minds.

Makeup Artist Does Body Painting on Tall Natural Pretty Girl


Photo series #4 was the highlight of my photo collection for this show. This is where I witnessed makeup as a tool of ART. The body type of this girl made me think of the leading lady role in movie Avatar – tall, lean, beautiful breasts of natural size and shape.

The man in photo #5 is Daniel, the owner of Longmi Lashes at Beverly Hills. He holds the first/only US patent method for multiple-layered eyelash extensions. I think this technology should be interesting to many Asian women, who tend to have shorter eyelash. Multi-layer extensions sure sounds more attractive if it doesn’t involve more pain and more side effect than the prevalent single-layer method.
I also got his contacts and planned to follow up with him.

Multi-layer Eyelash Extension Patent Holder


There are also a lot of other stuff going on – tanning, brushes sale, glitter tattoo, facial device, presentations about beauty business… Another goody I got for myself is free samples from Mineral Essence. I’ve read good reviews about their foundation powder when I was looking to solve the problem that normal foundations tend to block the pores. Their mineral powder was said to let skin breathe much better.

I have tried this product on after I came back, and I think I am loving it – natural blending on skin so you can apply on just spots instead of whole face, light weight/no feeling of blocking or extra attachment, and does not give a powdery and dry look to the skin. I like the eyeshadow powder as well. I will be getting more information on the product from the brand and likely getting it for my use as well.

Asian Woman Checking Cosmetic Product


Now here comes the last photo. I tried to look for Asian women, there were not many I could tell. This woman seems to have a trace of Japanese or Korean. I think her hair style fits her face shape, and the caramel hair color complements the skin tone. The smokey eye makeup also seems to go well with her.