Feb 152010

Do You Know The Beauty Effect Of Massage

asian female theraputic spa massage

Guest post by Bill Lulofs
Massage can have great health benefits, as well as beauty benefits. Massage practitioners use a combination of techniques that aim to help the client’s body and spirit experience some type of natural healing.
When we think of massage we often think of the more popular types.

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Feb 102010

Effective Treatments For Asian Skin Problems

Dr. Sunil Dhawan skin care interview

Dr. Sunil Dhawan is a popular dermatologist who has been practicing for 20 years.   I see him for skin and hair concerns and we visit the same gym.   There is a friend-like relationship besides being doctor and patient.  Yet still it took a while to book a slot with him when I requested to interview him,  as he is always so busy.
Finally today I got to sit down with him for 30 minutes.

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Feb 72010

Girl Don’t Cry, It Will Make You Ugly

Bad Emotions Affect Beauty

Have you thought that an effective way to calm a woman down, could be to tell her, “If you are sad or cry, you will get wrinkles and dark eye circles.”
I’ve used similar tactic to get myself out of bad moods more quickly. I don’t think I am fragile, but I did have crying moments, “frowning moments”, and moments with tense emotion that caused me to lose sleep. I know how those moments did to my appearance.

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Feb 22010

Interview With My Esthetician Claudia

claudia skin care interview

Claudia Lopez(see her photo in this post) is the girl who takes care of my skin. After my first visit with her to do my facial I’ve stayed with her. She is just in her 20′s yet has worked in this area for 8 years, and owns her business.
When I am writing down this short introduction I texted her, “Hey how long have I been seen you?” She replied, “How old is your son?” “A bit over 3.” “Then you’ve seen me for about 3 years, I remember when you first came you just gave birth to your son.”

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Feb 12010

Could You Live Without Makeup

living without makeup

A survey result published last year in news said 64% of women over 40 in Canada fear to face the world without makeup.
I remember reading some other survey results before about women in the US.   I forgot the exact number and cannot find it now, but my impression is that in US, which is closer to the Hollywood, the reliance on makeup is heavier.
Do you feel you have to hide from people when you wash off or when you don’t have access to makeup?

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Jan 272010

Skin Care Chat At A SPA

asian model sunrise

Today I felt like treating myself.  Went to  my favorite SPA.  I normally wanted massage but this time a thermal seaweed body wrap.  I expected a soothed mood and moisturized body skin out of it.
The procedure included scrubbing, applying seaweed mud, wrapping with a thermal blanket, an express facial, showering, applying body lotion, and aroma therapy in the end.

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