asian model sunriseToday I felt like treating myself.  Went to  my favorite SPA.  I normally wanted massage but this time a thermal seaweed body wrap.  I expected a soothed mood and moisturized body skin out of it.

The procedure included scrubbing, applying seaweed mud, wrapping with a thermal blanket, an express facial, showering, applying body lotion, and aroma therapy in the end.

My service lady (I will call her Jane in this article) is an Asian who moved here more than 10 years ago.   When I started talking to her with some skin care questions, her warm attitude and display of interest made the conversation quite a pleasant and informative one.

(me):  Comparing Asian and White women, whose skin has bigger pores?

(Jane):   I used to think it was Asian but after the years of experience, I now think it’s Caucasian.

(me):   How many years have you been doing this?

(Jane):  I’ve been working on skin for 8 years.  I am passionate about skin care.

(me):  What are the skin problems that happen more to Asian women?

(Jane):  Breakouts and pigmentation.  Asian’s skin is more oily so it’s more easy to have acne or breakouts.   And we need good sun protection to avoid dark spots on skin.

(me):  What about Caucasian?

(Jane):  They have drier skin so you could see they have more wrinkles.  And more Caucasians tend to get sunburn on their skin.

(Jane):   You skin feels pretty dry, you don’t drink enough water.

(me:)   That’s right, I always forget to drink enough water.

(Jane):  You have to keep up with that if you want to have good looking skin.  Together with proper moisturization.

(Jane):  You have combination skin type, part of your face is dry skin, and the central area is relatively oily.

(me):   How do you tell someone’s skin type if they use makeup all the time?

(Jane):   If the tip of your nose is shiny in the morning, you have an oily skin; if it’s not but feels shiny in the middle of day, you probably have a combination skin;  if not any time, you have a dry skin.

(me):   I cleanse pretty carefully why do I still get breakouts?

(Jane):  You need to choose the right type of cleanser and moisturizer.   Salicylic acid in cleanser could control breakouts.   For moisturizer don’t use the ones that are too creamy. They should have more liquid feel.   For body lotion I would look for ingredients such as hydroxy acid and Vitamin E.

(me):   If someone uses makeup such as foundation,  that will tend to block the pores even if she uses right cleanser and moisturizer, isn’t it?

(Jane):   Yes , you are right . For a woman who wear make up every day , they need clean their skin very well, twice at night,  and also scub exfoliate their skin at least once a week , to deep clean the pore .  If someone have sensitive skin , they may need the good foundation,  not a cheap one .

(me):  Should young kids be applying sunscreen daily?  I worry about the chemical burden the stuff adds to their tender skin.

(Jane):  Young kids can use the physical type of sunscreen, the ones that leaves a white layer when you apply.  The ones we use are chemical type, which is absorbed and looks more natural.

(me):  For someone who has oily skin, why does she need moisturizer at all?

(Jane):  The one who has oily skin , they need moisturizer to control the oil sebum on skin. In this case, thay can use oil-free moisturizer without, or in gel base instead of cream base. Hyaluronic acid is the ingredient to look for.

I had endless questions and she was happy to talk about or discuss with me.   Besides the chat, I loved the feel of my skin after the work is done.   I don’t normally apply lotion on whole body and my skin is dry also due to not drinking enough water, which I intend to fix.

1.5 hours well spent with a better feeling about my body, more information in my head, and the smell of a great scent to boost my mood.

Photo: Ferenc