Children's Book The Story Of Rainbow FlowerOne of the bedtime stories my kids ask repeatedly from me, is the story of Rainbow Flower. I read similar story from a book when I was small: a little girl was given a beautiful flower by an old woman, it had 7 petals, each in one different color of rainbow. She was told that picking each petal off she could have one wish come true.

The girl was excited and didn’t hesitate to wish for candies, toys, playground… soon she had only 1 petal left. All of a sudden she didn’t know what wish to make any more, because she realized that this was her last chance and all her previous granted wishes hadn’t made her feel “fulfilled”. At that moment she saw a boy who couldn’t walk because of a bad leg, and she decided to make the wish to have him cured. She felt much happier afterward.

I know many “wish come true” stories, but this one still sounds more interesting. You feel a little spoiled to have 7 wishes coming true. Especially after some “practice” – now when I do the story again my daughter would play the girl and make “meaningful” wish for every petal – you can build a happy life out of them.

Yet our lives more mimic the first version. We are the ones who are responsible to make our own wishes/dreams come true. When we were young, we spent more time reaching out for relatively superficial needs – appearance, money, great car, big house, social status,… when we are no longer young, we pause and start to feel the shadow of an older age, either it’s at 30es, or 40es, or 50es. We realize that we haven’t grasped the most valuable in life and time is running out to make more dreams come true.

Then we get really serious at this point, start to do more things to benefit others, start to see beauty out of the “plain looking” things around us, start to look deeper into our hearts and ask what really matters, and start to value every day, making the fullest use of it. Although we tell ourselves, “it’s never too late”, but man, don’t we wish we’ve got the same wisdom when we were 10 years or 20 years younger.

Some people do get more wisdom compared to others at the same age. I feel inspiration out of them. This girl on this video is a challenging one:, I bet she will be making good use of ever petal of the flower she has.

And as a treat from this post, here I found an online version of the story, although not every detail is the same as I remembered. Enjoy the reading with your kids: