Beautiful Brown Eye with Long Eyelashes
Have you wished your eyelashes were longer? I did (besides a dozen other things I wished for my look). I never tried, but after noticing the popularity, I am taking a closer look at eyelash extensions.

Like hair extensions, eyelash extensions add length and thickness to natural eyelashes. Through the help of an expert, synthetic lashes, which come in different lengths, colors and thicknesses, are applied on one’s original eyelashes, and can stay for weeks or longer. Compared to “fake” or “false” eyelashes, eyelash extensions are applied one extension to one lash.

Is an Asian woman like me a good candidate for this? Are there side effects? … I came up with some questions, regarding the basis eyelash extensions operation, for myself as well as blog readers, and turned to Claudia Lopez for answers.

Q: Who is good candidate for eyelash extensions, who is not?
A: Somebody with naturally curled lashes is a perfect candidate, no matter the length. At times ladies come in with lashes that have been “permed”, in that case they are too curly where synthetic lash doesn’t lay right. Other people have naturally straight lashes, that becomes a problem because synthetic lash naturally a bit curled therefore both wont bond properly. In other cases if ones’ lashes are too sparse, too thick, too thin… in many cases that becomes a problem as well. I find that there are more people that are NOT candidates than some that are.

Q: What are the characteristics of eyelash for Asian women?
A: “Asian” lashes tend to be shorter, thinner and straight! Even though “Asian” woman would be one of the first to want to enhance the look of their lashes, they tend to be the hardest client to work with. It is possible to do an application, however, it will require more time. Increasing the total ticket price.

Q: After eyelash extension is done, how long will the new eyelash look stay before needing touch-up?
A: Everyone is different as far as how long the lashes last. I have had some clients whose lashes last 1wk and others last 3 months. On average normal life span should be about a month. Here are some suggestions that will allow for a longer life of beautiful lashes….
1. do not apply water on lashes for at least 12hrs after application
2. avoid mascara if possible, definitely never waterproof mascara
3. do not brush lashes aggressively
4. do not steam lashes. e.g.: hot tubes, saunas, blow dryers, hot showers
5. do not use lash curlers
6. do not rub

Q: Do people tend to feel irritation with eyes after the operation?
A: It is very possible for people to feel some kind of irritation with eyes after the operation. Some people may be sensitive to the tape that isolate bottom lashes from top ( this process is done to avoid bottom and top lashes from sticking together). Other in general may be sensitive to the fumes of glue.

Q: Will the operation cause original eyelash to fall off?
A: Not necessarily, the synthetic lash is applied directly over one’s lash. Our lashes have a growth stage just like the hair on the rest of our body. Therefore, when the natural lashes start pushing their way out of our eyes, so will the lash extension. In some cases, if someone rubs too much or they have bad allergies it may cause multiple lashes to shed.

Q:When you have the “extended eyelash” do you use mascara and makeup remover the same way as before?
A: Because we suggest you not wear mascara, they only area you will apply makeup remover will be on lids and under eyes. Avoiding direct contact to lashes.

Q: How long does the operation take?
A: First time full set maximum of two hours. Touch-ups 45minutes to 1.5hrs.

Q: How much does eyelash extension procedure cost?
A: MY lash extension prices are a pro-rate amount of $30 per 15minutes. Average cost $120-$180 (1 hr to 1.5 her, usually never going over 2hrs)

Q: Does someone has to return to have the extension lashes removed if she decides not wanting it any more?
A: Because our lash hair sheed naturally, eventually they will all fall off. That of course depends on the growth cycle of each individual. As we already know that some peoples hair grows faster than others. If a guest wants to removed lash extension, it is possible. However, it is a very tricky and lengthy process. Each individual lash has to be rubber with special glue remover. To avoid accidentally pulling natural lashes off, it is very important to work slowly and gentle. Making this a long and expensive service for an unhappy client.

Q: I saw on the Internet there are eye lash extension salons, so there are salons who just do this kind of job?
A: Lash extentions has become such a trend in the last few years that yes, there are salon that solely focus on lash extension. I hear great things about them. Practice makes perfect, therefore they have a lot of it.